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I enjoyed “When It’s Real” so much more than I ever expected I would. I purchased the book on a whim because I liked the cover and have had it on my shelf collecting dust since. Shame on me for putting off reading it for so long!
Within the first two chapters, you’re immediately drawn in to Oakley & Vaughn’s lives. The storyline alternates between both perspectives, which has become one of my favorite writing styles recently. As much as they both drove me crazy at times, I loved reading both of their perspectives and fell in love with their characters.

Although I flew through the book, I felt the pacing of the story was just right. I felt the side characters added to the story rather than being random place holders….part of me is hoping for a sequel focusing on a couple of them.????

I definitely enjoyed this WIR as the last of my summer reads!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the author of this book in any way. This novel was purchased with my own money and all opinions shared are completely honest.

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