Week 2 of 52 | Getting in Shape & Learning Spanish Cont.


Last week I shared my plans for creating content on Youtube and learning Spanish. Both are continuing to go well, however, I have to admit I’m feeling a bit tired this week after adding fitness to the mix. My current schedule is literally work, gym for an hour, dinner, Spanish tutoring for two hours, rest. Most of my down time is spent transitioning to the next task or attempting to develop plans for other things on my to-do list. I’m feeling stronger physically, but a little exhausted mentally to be honest.


Update – I bumped my daily 1 hour of tutoring to 2 hours and it’s already made a huge difference! I’m nearing the end of the “beginner” lessons and will likely be at the “intermediate” level by the end of next week! My confidence is continuing to grow and I’m slowly incorporating more speaking throughout my lessons. My first week of learning when asked “Cómo estás?” I responded with a basic “Bien, gracias”. This week I’ve pushed myself to share different emotions and WHY I’m feeling that way. For example, I told my instructor that I was very excited on Wednesday because a handsome man at the gym said hello to me. ???? It’s a simple statement but I felt super accomplished I was able to explain all in Spanish and have a laugh about it just like I would with any of my friends.


4 days a week. No exceptions. 4 days a week. No exceptions. 4 days a week. No exceptions. 4 days a week.

That’s literally what I’ve kept repeating to myself all week. I MUST work out at least 4 days out of the week no matter how busy or tired I am. I always have mixed emotions when I’m getting back in the gym. Excitement because I know the endless benefits of staying active regularly, but annoyed with myself that I have to start at the beginning once again. I’ve been focusing on cardio only this week because despite how much I struggle with it, I enjoy it more than anything else. After testing my stamina by doing a mile jog on the treadmill my first day back, I immediately made my first goal of the week – Improve my raggedy mile time. lol I managed to stick to my 4 days and improved my mile by 1 minute by Friday!

I haven’t figured out the perfect work out schedule for myself so I’m hoping to figure that on during the week to come. With everything I’m working on, I think it’d be best to start doing 5a workouts. I’m hoping I’ll be there by the end of winter, but we’ll see…


2 weeks down, 50 to go! I’m still very excited about all the goals I’ve set for myself and have probably had 20 conversations with other people emphasizing the importance of setting personal goals and GOING FOR IT. lol I’m sure everyone’s tired of all my hype, but y’all how passionate I am about making positive changes. ????????‍♀️

Anyway, until next time…


Which 2019 goal are you most excited to pursue in your life?

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