Tips for Parents & Family Portraits

If we are capturing your littles ones, a nap before the shoot may help their mood.

Photo shoots can be stressful for children. It’s okay if we need to let them do their own thing for a moment. I will be capturing candids in between!

If your child has a favorite song, book, toy or stuffed animal, it’s not a bad idea to bring these comfort items to the shoot.

If your child doesn’t do well with pictures, let’s discuss activities and settings that will make them the most comfortable. We will get better quality and happier photos if they are able to things that are more natural and in their element.

Finally, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and spent nearly 9 years working closely with adolescent boys in foster care everyday. I know the importance of limiting stressors, providing incentives, remaining patient, giving gentle redirection and allowing breaks as needed. Trust the process and I’m sure the photos will come out just fine!

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