Styling DIY Mom Shorts + Branson, MO Travels

The “Deets”

I couldn’t let summer end without sharing one of my favorite fashion diys – denim mom shorts.

A couple times each month I run to my local thrift store to browse the racks for a few oversized jeans with elastic bands. These pants are comfortable, high waisted, typically range from $3.99-$6.99 and are PERFECT for creating a diverse range of looks.

Cutting the jeans is super easy and almost impossible to mess up as long as you don’t cut them too short. I make my cuts at a slight angle with enough room left at the bottom to cuff the ends. I tend to wear this style with a belt to accentuate my waist, pero no es esencial. Get creative – distress, bedazzle or dye away to create your own unique looks!

I initially paired my newly cut shorts with a safari button up I found on the clearance rack at H&M, basic brown belt from Charlotte Russe and sassy shades from Forever21. These shorts also came in handy during a casual outing that I was definitely overdressed for (note to self – always pack one dress down outfit). Thankfully, my coworker was happy to let me borrow an oversized men’s shirt that created an adorable touristy fit!

Favorite Memories from Branson, MO

  • The view.
  • Three of the teens I work with taught me how to swim, thread and float. Never too late to learn!
  • Eating some of the best BBQ wings I’ve ever had.
  • Facing my go-karting fears long enough to enjoy a race around the craziest track I’ve seen.

Feeling Inspired

I walked away from Branson feeling inspired. For a while I’ve felt my creative juices slowly slipping away. Although I’m doing better with self-care and taking time to “breathe” it never feels like I’m able to detach long enough to get in the zone. During this trip, I had so much fun setting up the tripod to take photos of myself and couldn’t wait to pull out my tablet to start drafting up notes for a post. It felt like the earlier days of content creating when I was filled with so much drive to enhance my website, film videos and connect with my audience. Not making any promises to start pushing out more content, but I’m definitely embracing this feeling and running with it.

Until next time…

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