You're Booked!
So What's Next?

How will the photographer prepare?

Weather Tracking

5 to 7 days before your shoot I will follow up to share any necessary weather updates. I will continue to monitor during the days leading up to your shoot. Please note that if weather becomes a concern we may have to make last minute adjustments!

Supplies I Bring

For shoots with ages 10 and under, I will bring bubbles for the children. Upon request, I can bring a blanket (white), bluetooth speaker and portable changing station.

How should you prepare for the photos?

Dress for Comfort

There may be a lot of walking during your shoot. Please bring comfy shoes to change into as we roam! I recommend trying on all outfits and shoes before the shoot so you can feel fully confident and comfortable in your look!


Prepare for the Elements

Colder months - wear layers or bring a coat/blanket you can snuggle in between photos.
Warmer months - bring a towel for wiping sweat and dabbing make up. Bug spray and sunscreen may be a good addition as well!

Bring the Props!

Unless we have planned a styled shoot, I will not bring any props to our session. If more needs to be done to "set the scene" please prepare to bring those items!

Send Me Samples

I will never copy another photographer's photos. However, if you have reference photos you'd like me to use for inspiration to understand your vision you are welcome to send me a few!

Your photo session should be memorable and enjoyable, 

not stressful

What happens after the photo shoot?

Digital Gallery

You will be sent a gallery of raw images to select for editing. Photos are completed within 2 weeks.

Your images will be delivered in a private digital gallery. This custom gallery is perfect for sharing your photos with family and friends! You have the option to download high resolution images suitable for printing and low resolution images that are best for sharing on socials and your website.

Your private gallery will remain live for 90 days so you’ll have plenty of time to save your precious memories!

Video Snippet

(Starting July 2022)

A “behind the scenes” snippet from our photo shoot is included in the standard & ultimate photography package! All sneak peeks are provided in 16:9 format to best fit the way videos are displayed on social media sites. In addition, they are sent without sound so you can add your own audio to reels & tiktoks!