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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’ve been fascinated with greenery since I moved into my apartment last Fall. In my first couples months, I looked at a hundred fake floral arrangements, succulents, trees, and could never connect with the items enough to feel happy decorating my apartment with them. I was missing the one plant I had started growing a couple years ago, but was terrified to change it’s environment after making so much progress with it. I started it in a can of water a couple years ago, then upgraded it to a small pot when roots began to develop.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-5-47-00-pmI took this photo after the last time I replanted it, just before deciding to move it over to my apartment.

To be honest, this little guy is one of my favorite apartment decorations. The first couple months I was extremely worried about leaves dying off and the lack of light in my apartment, but he’s still hanging in there today! (Letting you know now, you will definitely see me call my plants “pet” and gender names.) Seeing him continue to progress helped me build a little bit of confidence. I purchased my first bamboo and aloe vera plants at the beginning of this year. They’ve made appearances in some of my Instagram posts as well. I woke up last weekend and decided that I was ready to go all in with plant growing. I’d like to add another hobby to my list of skills and the summer sun had me itching to add more greenery to my place. I purchased several different plants and pots from Lowe’s and got right to work! As I planted each, I took a photo, jotted down the name in my notebook, then did quick research to write down a few notes on watering, sunlight, etc for each one. I’ll have to do a follow up post to show some of my progress and I’ll definitely be coming back soon with updates!

I’m extremely excited to begin learning more about plants and how to help them thrive. My dream is to one day have a garden in my yard; I think this will help me greatly with at least understanding the basics of plant care. Hoping it goes well!

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