Kahlua Hot Cocoa

While we’ve been stuck inside this winter, I’ve been trying to find basic ways to spruce up everyday moments at home. My boyfriend has been drinking hot cocoa since it got cold and I thought it’d be cute to surprise him with a quick twist to his go-to snack. 

8oz Almond Milk
3tbs Hot Cocoa Mix
2tbs Kahlua (Vanilla)
Topping of Choice (I prefer whipped cream or marshmallows)

It’s literally that simple!

Of course, you can add in more Kahlua for an extra kick but I’ve found this combination has created the perfect balance for us. I’d love to hear about your favorite winter drinks for a cozy day in! 

One comment on “Kahlua Hot Cocoa”
  1. Kay
    October 7, 2022 at 1:34 pm

    Coffee with French vanilla creamer????☕????

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