How to Replace a Toilet Seat | Independent Women Series

I’ve always been a “do it yourself” kind of girl and genuinely enjoy figuring out how to fix, build and create things. As a single woman who lives alone, I’ve found myself doing this more than ever!

As you can imagine, Youtube & Google have become my besties when it comes to finding quick household fixes. I’m not expecting to be entertained when looking up how to fix my garbage disposal or faucet, but I haven’t seen a single post that makes the process of maintaining your home look fun. In addition, there are hardly any faces I can relate to when I look up this type of content whether it be because of race, age, gender or martial status. Thus, the idea for the independent women series formed! Created for women just like me who have the desire to add another skill to their tool belt!

Today, I’m sprucing up my bathroom by installing a new toilet seat. Not the most difficult task, but something I had no idea how to do until I had to do it myself. Enjoy!

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