Does Your City Match Your Dreams?

It’s easy to feel as if you’re in paradise when you’re away from home. Everything is an experience. The people speak differently, the roads lead to new destinations, and sometimes it even feels as if the air is a bit different. It wasn’t until recently that I considered there’s something more to the “refreshed” feeling I have the moment I leave my own little city in the Midwest.

My most recent trip to Atlanta left me feeling energized and more motivated than I’ve been all year. However, within a couple weeks I found myself feeling overwhelmed from constantly dealing with the negative, close-minded and motionless people around me. In this city, I’ve witnessed countless dreamers, creatives, and go-getters be impaled with disbelief and sabotaged by friends, family and associates who only want them to remain stationary in this bubble that has become our home. Dating is impossible, minds refuse to change, the crime rate is quickly growing and progression seems to be coming incredibly slow in comparison to the rest of the world.

It leaves me wondering….does this city match my dreams?

Will this city provide the opportunities needed to reach my goals?

Does it present the diversity I need to grow?

Do I want to raise a family with this climate of people?

Do the careers here match my ambition and ideas?

Is it possible to reach my potential here?

Many of us badger ourselves with these questions, but are enough of us taking action?

Don’t get me wrong, I see the potential people have here. Downtown is being built up. Organizations are forming to get people active in the community. Activities are being shared left and right to get kids off the streets. New job opportunities are arriving and better neighborhoods are expanding. It’s a great time for creatives and small businesses to make their marks. Our home team showed us what it means to celebrate our city by winning the world series not too long ago.

And I believe there’s so much more to come…

So for me, I guess the possibilities are enough to keep me here for now.

My hope is for everyone to reflect on their home, the people around them, and the chances they have to succeed.

We can only do so much growing if we’re rooted in bad soil. If your dreams are bigger than what your city offers you, you have every right to uproot and pursue them elsewhere.

Until next time….

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