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DIY | Avocado Face Mask

I know you probably weren’t expecting me to come back so soon with another face mask, but I couldn’t let the avocado in my kitchen go to waste! For once, Pinterest didn’t have the answers I needed when searching for a good face mask recipe so I decided to make my own using items I already had at mi casa. My ingredients of choice were avocado, coconut oil, lemon, honey and aloe vera. Feel free to check out this quick video of my mixing it altogether!



My favorite thing about DIY products is that I have complete control over what’s going on and in my body. A few benefits of each ingredient are listed below!

AVOCADO – Moisturizes and softens skin, reduces wrinkles and gives you a lovely glow. They also toast amazing on toast, tacos, chicken wraps….*mouth waters*….

COCONUT OIL – Helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Reduces wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.

LEMON – Help treat acne and are a natural skin brightener.

HONEY – Makes the skin glllooowwwwww! Fights and prevents acne while moisturizing the skin.

ALOE VERA – Moisturizes skin, lightens blemishes and treats acne.



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